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Auger Extention

xo4 Auger extensions - up to 5t
Digga’s drilling extension range is the ultimate in quality and cost effectiveness. Our extensions are manufactured in-house by Digga using only the highest grade materials and strictest quality control. The XO4 range of extensions is suited for machines up to 5 tonnes.
Easy fit design
Easy fit design with no adaptors required helping you connect and disconnect your augers faster.
Reduce excess play
Welded hub and shaft reduces excess play in the connections ensuring a straighter hole.
Various hub options
Digga's XO4 auger extensions come standard with a 65mm round hub. Optional hub options are available upon request on extended lead times.
4 lengths available
4 length options available including 500mm / 800mm / 1000mm / 1500mm extension lengths.
Australian made
Our product quality and innovation leads the industry. 100% Australian made, designed and manufactured for Australian conditions, providing you with versatility, competitive pricing and a factory-backed warranty.

For the specification, please download the PDF.