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Concrete Mixer Bucket

The Kerfab concrete mixer bucket is especially designed for intensive work with concrete, cement or mortar. This bucket takes the strain out of loading, mixing and delivering concrete to difficult locations.
Revolutionary Design
  • Mixing auger spins in both directions producing an even mix - takes the strain out of manually mixing and delivering concrete
  • Mixing auger is easy to remove for maintenance
  • 2 gas rams on the safety cover to hold open when loading
  • Bag opener spikes incorporated into the closed safety cover - for easy opening of bags
  • Only 1 set of auxiliary hydraulics required
Concrete Mixer Bucket Advantages
  • No Maintenance: hydraulic motor to gearbox in oil bath drive (no chain drive)
  • Sturdy design, Hardox Auger with 20mm heavy duty flighting
  • Ergonomic curved cover to prevent overflow when mixing
  • Safety feature; Mixer automatically cuts off when cover is opened.
  • Optional flexi tube available for precise placement of mix, (2m or 4m length)