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Tilt Attach

Fully utilize your skid steer loader attachments with the powerful tilt attach. Allows angling of a variety of attachments including buckets, brooms, trenchers and more. Work easily on hilly terrain or uneven surfaces with a Digga heavy duty tilt attachment.

  • Allows full utilization of skid-steer on hilly terrain
  • Attaches to a skid-steer universal hitch to allow 18° left or right tilt off centre line
  • Tilts buckets and landscaping implements for more precise grading, leveling and trenching
  • Valve package is mounted on Tilt Attach for use with hydraulic powered attachments
  • Simple connection by electric wiring keeps valves and hoses out of operator’s cabin
  • Large spiracle ball bushing in centre pivot allows extra strength and durability
  • Pins attach two halves together instead of bolts
  • 2 year limited warranty