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Heavy Duty Tip Up Bin

Light weight and cost effective Bin suitable for goods transport, storage or waste. Fitted with Forklift carriage, these Bins are designed for manual push over. Wheels are fitted as standard, 2 front and 1 swivel at the rear. Supplied with Safety Chain for securing to Forklift. Zinc Plated finish.
Type NSD Self Dumping Waste Bins provide an economical solution to collecting and disposing of industrial waste. During transport, the Forklift tines are positioned fully under the bin ensuring the Forklift full lifting capacity is utilised. To empty the bin, the operator places the front feet of the bin inside the edge of the bulk dumpster, then drives backwards until the tines clear the pivot point and then raises to allow the bin to tip forward.
A low profile, compact bin for use in confined areas. Well suited to production machinery such as punching machines for collection of slugs etc. Heavy duty construction with self dumping ability, the Forklift operator empties the bin without leaving the driver’s seat. Available in either enamel painted or zinc finish.
The JSD bins are fitted with oversize fork pockets to suit larger Forklifts. They are self dumping bins with the operator not having to leave the driver’s seat during the tipping cycle. Enamel paint finish is standard.