Digga Attachments

Indulge in our array of Digga attachments that will surely benefit your project and assist you in the accurate completion of it. Our experienced drilling specialists will assist you in explaining the right Digga attachments for your needs. Everything from the right cutting head to flight and pitch configurations, as well as pinpointing the right wear parts and accessories. Reap the benefits and the extra client satisfaction that YG Lifting Solutions administer to all clients. With exceptional Digga attachments and a team geared to your success we are the finest distributor in Australia.


  • Reliable machinery and components.
  • Meticulously engineered parts and attachments.
  • High work ethic and efficiency.
  • Amazing customer service and understanding.
  • Wide variety of Digga attachments for all projects.
  • Impeccable client satisfaction and guarantee.
  • Dedicated staff and technical members.
  • Highly knowledgeable procedures and products.
  • Expert managerial staff.

For effective drilling, YG has designed a plethora of cutting heads for which, depending on the ground condition, you will be completing all projects with the highest level of professionalism and efficiency. With extensive experience in design and manufacturing using the highest quality material, YG Lifting Solutions boast extremely efficient Digga attachments, Bobcat attachments, and optimal flight pitches to provide maximum spoil removal in all ground conditions.

Reliability, devotion and constant upgrading of machinery is what deviates us from the norm as the leading Digga attachments company in Australia. With an array of comprehensive staff members that are all fully qualified and knowledgeable on our products, we welcome you to browse our online website or contact us directly.